17 / 06 / 2015

Red Sox Fashion

Hello my sweethearts!

How have you been?

Today I’m going to talk about caps. Yeah, CAPS! Lol

What do you all think about this tendency?

I admit that I like very much, although in Brazil is not well accepted yet for girls.

Some people say that is not possible to be elegant wearing caps, but I’m against this opinion and I can that is possible to compose a fancy, stylish and chic outfit with a cap. Straight flap or not.

This tendency begun with the “baseball caps”, that won the U.S. streets, with fashionistas and celebrities catwalking New York streets with their straight flaps and gigantic logos, won the national and international footbridge, coming with jewels, sparkles, tacks and then, our dear cap beat the fashion styles with worldwide popularity.

I believe that the cap serves as a great accessory to break a little formality costume, giving a chic stripped air in the composition. Be it straight or rounded tab, square or round top, colored or not, is already part of the female closet.

I made the composition that comes below, leaving the hip hop or gym stereotype and risking with a glam elegant chic look.

boné com glamour

In this outfit we have a glamorous composition. Red dress, leather jacket, a thin ankle boot, Chanel bag and, to complete, I chose the Red Sox cap. http://www.fanatics.com/MLB_Boston_Red_Sox_Hats

Choosing this cap for this outfit was the fact that it’s a sport accessory and chic at the same time. It’s a cap with sequin application in red, giving a sophisticated touch, balancing the visual between the cap, dress and other items.

As most of you already know, I’m in love with the red color, so I chose this dress plus the cap. The red color for me is not only passion representation, but a strong color that aptly describes my time!

I could have chosen a neutral cap, but would be too easy. So I chose a baseball team cap just out of the ordinary, because when we think of hats, as we think of hip hop style at all, very easy to match, but what will make a difference in your look will be unusual and different compositions.

New York  Yankees girls cap

I made this composition using New York Yankees

If you want to creat amazing looks with various baseball team caps, just access fanatics.com, it was there that I found this beautiful Red Sox cap.

And then my loves, approved my look with cap? Do you also like this trend?

It’s always yummy to innovate, renovate and daring! It seems not, but most of time it goes fine. Let your style and inspiration flow in your favor!

God bless and don’t forget to leave your comments down here and your email address on the blog side to receive news.



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